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About Us

Make the most of your next event with INDY BIG SCREEN!


Our Story

Drive-in movies seem to be a thing of the past.  I have such great memories of my

family and friends going to a Drive-in movie when I was a kid.  We went a lot of weekends

to the Drive-in, dressed in our pajamas, and having our container of popcorn that my Mom

had to prepared for us in tow.  If we was will-behaved, we got to go to the 

concessions stand for an extra treat cream!  When I got a little older, my Boy Scout

Troop went to th Drive-in every 3rd weekend.....ahhhh, such wonderful memories!

We would like to continue making some of those same memories with you through 

Indy Big Screen.



Bring families and friends closer together, " one movie at a time "!!!

History continues.....

Looking to have a movie night, Game night or a Karaoke night with your friends

and and family?  One of the giant video screens from Indy Big Screen can bring

the "Wow" factor to that event.  We have a variety of screens for rent.  Check out our 

sales division - Pa-Proline 7.1 HiFidelity Sound Surround control equipment, screens, 

frames, HD - A/V processing Karaoke system, and Projectors.

We are equipped to host a variety of events and venues,

including  Drive-in style movies nights, park events, weddings, powerpoint viewing,

backyard parties,senior events held at most any facility, and corporate.

 We can project any images

and movies you like through Blu-Ray ™ media for clarity, and also streaming video like 

NetFlix.  Charity events are a wounderful use for our equiment.  Video game systems

are awesome on a big screen.

Let's not forget about the professional group.  Try our media screens for

powerpoint settings, graphics,or picture displaywith a 1080 - 3D projector paired with a

Infiatable Big screen.


Just imagine driving down the street and seeing a Giant Big Screen advertising

your business.

 Have a movie, game event for a special indoor/outdoor movie theater 

in your backyard while you are on a special dinner date knowing after dining you

have picked out his or her favorite romantic movie to watch with that special someone

under the stars.  


Consider a giant theater movie screen rental for your next date night. 

Family Owned (2010)