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Indoor / outdoor Projection  Movie  Screen & Sound Equipment Rental 


Fun Drive-In Events & Quality Sound Systems
Turn to Indy Big Screen and enjoy fun, drive-in events, and great sound from our high-quality sound systems

. We deliver the best event entertainment in Indianapolis, Indiana and surrounding areas thanks to our giant screens.


Outdoor Screens

Our outdoor screens are great for drive-in events and large groups, including events in gymnasiums, churches, backyards, outdoor events, and concerts. Options include both Karaoke and movies, and our sound systems are movie theater sound generated by nine independently-controlled speakers. Additionally, we offer microphones and PA systems that are great for karaoke events, and have the latest in 3D projection and Blu-Ray technology. FM-TRANSMITER like the real Drive-In when you bring your own radio to control your volume while waching the movie.


Mobile Convenience

Indy Big Screen mobile trailer allows us to bring the equipment and cables to any location you like.

We’ve worked at nursing homes, wedding events, football and basketball games, and several other event types. High-definition Blu-Ray disc looks great on these systems.

We recommend that you start the video portion of your event between 8:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Our service includes delivery, setup, teardown, and an on-site engineer throughout the event, with setup and teardown times lasting about an hour.

Generators are available when there are no available outlets.

If there is a Wi-Fi connection at the event location, you can also use Netflix and other streaming services.



Feel free to contact our staff for more information about are packages and special price offers.

Indy Big Screen offers inside/outside screens for 3 to 24 hr. hour rental for residential and commercial events. 

All packages are base on a 3 hour rental.  Please ask our Indy Big Screen represntative about additional time on your rental.

Indy Big Screens offers a variety of sizes of screens for indoor and outdoor events.

All rental packages include sound equipment , HD BLUE - RAY DVR player, 5000 i 1080  Projector, delivery and set up, 1 Technician will be on site from start to finish.

Outdoor events should take advantage of our $50 rain insurance, ensuring that you have a second date available

if it rains on the first date available

Package prices vary on screen sizes, sound system and the location of your venue.


Ask about are FREE CLUB PASS. 

Karaoke and music is an additional $165

popcorn is available for $1 per bag or unlimited for up to 50 guests for only $65.00.

PLEASE ask in advance for our Popcorn and Classic Popcorn Maker.

There is an additional charge for a second movie or karaoke before or after a movie.

Video game systems can also be hooked up to the video screen, making for an impressive competition.

  There are setups available for up to 4 players as well as a PS4 system, although

you always have the option of us in your own gaming equipment.

Equipment Rental
Here are a few additional items that you can rent from us:

 • Honda Generator 
 • 7.1thx Cinema Speakers
• HD 1080 + 4 k  5500 Lumen 3D  Projector
• HD 1080 +4k 3d Blu Ray Player
• Laptops
Contact us to learn more about planning your drive-in events or our quality sound systems.

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