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Inflatable Movie Screens  in Indianapolis, IN

Inflatable Movie Screens in Indianapolis, IN

Inflatable Movie Screens are more popular now than ever before.

VXP developed the VersaStretch movie screen for Indy Big Screen which has become the standard in the industry.

Stretch screens are now used by most of the other large movie screen manufactures.

We are proud to see our innovations receive respect and admiration

VXP'S5th Generation of DS PRO Inflatable Movie Screensare direct from the manufacturer (VXP) Designed meticulously from the ground up, our screens are the finest inflatable movie screens we have every offered to date Our DS PRO Inflatable Movie Screen Frames are computer designed, computer cut, hand sewn and crafted with strict quality guidelines.

     Every frame has dual reinforcement construction, strap tight rope connection points, and air escape hatches with velcro and heavy duty zippers. Our DS Pro Inflatable Movie Screen sizes are measured by the horizontal screen viewing surface. Our sizes are 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 28, and 32 feet plus custom sizes over 40 feet. If you need a custom screen built to any exact size we can do it.

Creative Cut VersaStretch

Mounted on Tripod Expansion Frame The Tripod Expansion Frame is a single frame that expands from 5 to 12 feet tall and 5 to 14 feet wide that provides an economical solution that has made it one of our most popular frames.

With one frame you can attach several different movie screen sizes.

This saves you time and money and gives you a powerful portable movie screen solution.

Great for DJ’s, VJ’s, movies, and mobile video presentations for indoors and out.

The Tripod Expansion Frame is VXP’s lightweight and portable mounting solution for our VersaStretch “Creative” and “Formal cut" movie screens and our ImagiColor movie screens.

The entire Tripod Expansion Frame collapses to fit inside VXP’s 5 foot custom carry bag for easy transport and storage.

VersaStretch Movie Screens"Creative" and "Formal cut" VersaStretch


"Creative Cut"

If you are looking for a movie screen to use in a creative performance venue, you will want to take a look at our VersaStrech Creative Cut Movie Screens. Our VersaStrech Creative Cut Screens are being used by DJs, VJs and clubs all around the world. They are great for outdoor projection because of their breathability. With their ability to be set up and "streeeeeeeched" in a variety of different shapes and hanging methods, these screens are being used for movies, video games, clubs, architectural lighting and more. This is the same front / rear projection screen material we use for our DS Pro Inflatable Movie Screens. With the ability to be easily hung because of its flexible stretchable border, these 100% wrinkle free machine washable screens can be set up anywhere.

VersaStretch "Formal Cut"

The VersaStretch "Formal Cut" has a fixed border that locks in the movie screen shape.Unlike the "Creative Cut" version, the formal cut must be placed in a frame to hold it's shape like a traditional movie screen. They are great for outdoor projection because of their breathability.This is the same movie screen material that we use in all of our DS Pro Inflatable Movie Screens that you can see throughout this site Click the link to see all the performance feature this movie screen has to offer.It is even machine washable, and does not need to be folded up neatly and will still setup wrinkle free every time.As outdoor movie theater enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the need to have a screen that can be used and abused and still come back strong every time.The VersaStretch "Formal Cut" is front and rear projection.This screen is used from BackYard Theaters to Rooftop Theaters and other creative outdoor theater setups throughout the world.

ImagiColor Movie Screen in Indianapolis, IN

ImagiColor Movie Screen

The ImagiColor is a bright fabric all weather movie screen designed for multi-purpose use.

VXP developed the ImagiColor Movie Screen for one main reason....we can make a screen up to 40 feet seamless.

This is a high quality fabric based screen that can be compactly folded for portability.

VXP can add your choice of our Quick Clip System or Grommets around the border webbing for frame connection.

The ImagiColor has excellent front and rear projection capabilities.

This screen has been very popular for previous Inflatable Movie Screen owners that desire a large SEAMLESS movie screen.

The ImagiColor is not designed for high wind conditions like the VersaStrech.

VXP strongly recommends having the VersaStretch Movie Screen for windy days and the ImagiColor forfor movie nights with little or no wind.

The ImagiColor works great with our VS 1512 Tripod Expansion Frames.

Custom Plush Home Theater Kit

With Motorized Curtains, Electric Screen, and Remote Control

Custom Plush Home Theater Kit with Curtains Closed and Movie Screen Down

Premiere HD ProVXP offers another innovative and creative movie screen .

Our Plush Home Theater Kits come completely dressed with all of the border pieces, main curtains and movie screen.

We will make the curtains to fit your exact ceiling height and width.

The curtains open and close with a remote control and the motorized screen raises up and completely disappears.

This all comes with a free standing frame that simply needs to be attached to your wall (to prevent tipping over.)

There is no more installation required other than plugging the motors into a regular AC outlet.

When you receive your movie screen package you can set it up in a short afternoon.

You can show your first home theater movie right away.

All of the custom designed and built Plush Home

Theater Kits will start at only $2499.

  • Coming Soon call or email for more information.

Trinity Truss Frame

Lightweight - Portable - Economical

Premiere HD ProTrinity Truss is Indy Big Screen new triple truss structure that is lightweight, inexpensive and has 6 inch sides.

We can build custom truss designs for movie frames, convention space structures, creative installations art galleries, retail spaces, and more.

Contact us to create your customTrinity


Truss Frames design.

Movie Screen Accessories - Coming Soon

VXP offers everything you need for your portable movie theater. Whether you need replacement D-rings, ropes, or stakes you can find everything at The Vision Experience including... Custom Frame Bags, Customs Hard Cases, Speaker Bags, AV Cables, Blower Fans, Projector Mounts, Movie Screen Accessories, Quiet Boxes for Blowers, and much much more!!!

Technological advancements in all aspects of the video projection industry have created so many new possibilities that figuring out the best combination of projectors, video resolution compatibility, 3D components, and equipment choices for a movie system is at best...confusing. In the design of our all-inclusive packages, we have taken all of these new possibilities into consideration to build systems that are current, state-of-the-art, and will be compatible with video technologies for years to come.

Technical Information Pages

Below we have created some information pages that explain the basics of High Definition components to assist in the exciting process of choosing your High Definition Theater System. We are constantly updating these pages to keep up with the most common questions. We also have a newsletter that is focused on the latest technology, special discounts, and specials, plus a technology section with information and answered questions. If you would like to receive our newsletter, send us an email and we will add you to our community.

What exactly is High Definition?

Video Resolutions Quality

- composite video to HDMI video Blu-ray vs. HD DVD,

Projectors, and Up-Conversion

What are aspect ratios?

Movie Sound Systems Stereo to 7.1

DS Pro Inflatable Movie Screens

VXP’s VersaStretch Movie Screens

Ideas for using your movie screen


Indy BigScreen are providing all of the concert sound

, lighting and staging for the show including musical performances.

  For malls, amusement parks, and private events looking for an unforgettable interactive experience

Click Here for more details for Party Information

The Big Screen revolution With fast moving technology creating new products for our industry everyday, Mobile and portable big screen movie systems have never had so many features available.

The price drop in projectors and increase in quality content from video games to HD  DVD and Satellite has made the demand and availability for the Big Screen greater than ever before.

The experience you can now get on a big screen is simply... Jaw Dropping - and all for a frction of the price for such quality from only a year or two ago.

As a leader in Mutimedia Vision Mixing Entertainment, and producer or big screen events, Indy Big Screen has redesigned the inflatable movie screen concept from the ground up.

We work our screens extensivily and hard at some of the most prestigious events in the wirld. We are able to transfer all of the successful product features from our events into the products we offer to you.

Made with pride in the USA, we offer the best screens and most advanced Audio Video systems ever offered.

1001 Uses and Counting Outdoor Movies, TV, Cable, Satellite Connections, and Video Games on the Big screens is just the beginning.

You can plug in you laptop or any media devide easily for all kinds of events and uses.

The screens clip off and you can clip a sign onto frame as a billboard, and VXP's frames are being used to hold backdrops for photo shoots and movie sets.

If you are looking for backyard entertainment, a screen for your Film Festival, or adding something for your rental business, VXP has the exciting solutions that will bring you years or successful events.

All Inclusive Packages Starting at only $350* Now you can create your own Outdoor Cinema Under the Stars.

For a special night or a complete film series, Indy Big screen will bring to you the complete mobile movie experience to match your crowd size and budget.

If you have 50 people for a private event or 2000 people for a large scale event, VXP has the experience and flexibility to provide you with the best Cinematic package to fit your needs.

At this level, your movie experience will have custom designed sound, screens, and projection.

For all Cinema Packages, we can also provide live mixing of logos, ads and sponsor trailers, Pre movie interactive entertainment and even custom digital greetings (like the THX but with your information and name) are also available. Custom

For more details on our inflatable movie screens and other packages or products, give us a call today,
located in Indianapolis, IN.