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Indoor / outdoor Projection  Movie  Screen & Sound Equipment Rental 


General Information, Options, and Outdoor Movie Details


Movie Selections and Performance Rights

When you are ready to choose your films, keep in mind that most films have specific performance rights requirements. Indy big screen can obtain the films and the performance rights for you, every film is different. Cost per film ranges from $0 - $500.


Types of Formats

Indy Big Screen digital projectors will accept inputs from all formats including DVD, Blu-ray™, VHS and computers. One DVD player is included with each cinema package. If you have actual film or computer presentations that you would like to present, extra charges may apply.


Additional materials including Logos, Sponsors Info, Commercials, Trailers etc..

Indy Big Screen can provide complete Vision Mixing services to give your event an extra smooth presentation. This includes formatting, creating and presenting logos, graphics, trailers, commercials, etc... If your event is looking for sponsors to help pay for it, pre-movie logos and advertising are good enticements. Live mixing of your pre-movie materials or custom made DVD’s are both options.



With any outdoor event extreme weather conditions can create a situation where the event must be cancelled. With outdoor movies, rain, high wind, and extreem conditions are the areas of concern. In case of cancellation, Indy Big Screen will provide a 50% credit towards your next event which must occur on a mutually agreed upon date within one year of the cancellation. Indy Big Screen keeps 50% because of unrecoverable costs in preparation for the event, and will refund the other 50%..There is Event insurance offered by some companies.


How to Reserve and Book the Dates

With the increase in popularity for outdoor movies, Indy Big Screen recommends you lock in and secure your event dates ASAP. 50% deposit locks in the date and the 50% balance is due same day before setup prior to the event.


Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation Indy Big Screen retains the 50% deposit. If Indy Big Screen is able to mitigate its damages and re-book an event on the same date, Indy Big Screen will be able to issue a refund


Expansion Program

As the excitement grows with new film festivals, it is not uncommon to see a crowd double in size each week. This can lead to your audience outgrowing your initial cinema package. If this should happen, Indy Big Screen can apply previous package deposits to one of our upgrade packages. General Information and Outdoor Movie Details cont.



Indy Big Screen has set-up indoors and out, in Parks, on Piers, and on Sand. We have set up in the Mountains, on Lake Shores, Parking Lots and even Roof Tops and Bridges. With our large selection of Screens, Inflatable,Truss stands, and Rigging, Indy Big Screen has the experience and flexibility to adapt to any setup situation.



In planning your outdoor movie series you will want to be aware of the following items.

Power - If there is not power within 100 feet of your screening location, generators may need to be brought in.

Restrooms - You will need restroom facilities to accommodate your crowd. If the restrooms are a little walk from the viewing area you may need to bring in signs and volunteers to direct.

Lights - Make sure any bright lights that shine on the movie screen can be turned off before the movie. Also take into consideration that when the movie ends there needs to be enough light for people to exit. In some locations additional flood lights may need to be brought in.


Crowd Control / Security

Have plenty of well marked staff and volunteers if possible. Security should always be well marked and visible.



Popcorn, drinks, fun movie food as well as shirts, glow sticks and other items are all opportunities for your group or organization to raise funds. Chair rentals have done well too.



Entertainment Indy Big Screen can provide full service interactive entertainment. On screen Trivia contests, games and raffles an hour or two before the movie begins, is always fun. Indy Big Screen can also provide costumed characters that match the theme of the movie. Depending on crowd size 1 to 4 interactive Mc’s work very well. You can also have your staff and volunteers dress in theme to match the movie.


Custom Digital Presentation Intro - $500

This is very cool. You can have your own presentation video just like you see at the movies. The short one minute clips that shows film reels spinning through multi-colored space with sound effects and swooshes, it will even include your name and logo and the deep booming voice welcoming everybody to the XYZ presentation of .... After you have the video clip produced you own it and you can use it over and over again.


Full Service Event Production

For outdoor movies and other multimedia events, Indy Big Screen can provide full service production and party planning services. When you want to create an event with a vision that has never been seen before Indy Big Screen, will bring your vision to life.

Indy Big Screen provides our services for Private parties and events too.

Multi-media Entertainment, DJ Entertainment, Private Cinematic Presentations, and more.

A private affair for a dozen people or a custom 180 foot visual wall, Indy Big Screen will create the experience you are looking for.

180 Foot Video Screen and Backdrop Wall We have over 70 hand painted backdrops to choose from. You can alternate backdrops between screens to complete your original look.You can choose One free backdrop with 2 screen packages and 2 free backdrops with three screen packages for a limited time.View Layout Examples above for 2 and 3 screen packages.You can see our backdrops here.

Layout Examples

Below are 2 examples of a Indy Big Screen party layout.

As you can see, Multimedia entertainment brings in serveral elements and creates a new level of private party entertainment.

The prices below are subject to change. After you see these layouts you can think about how to adapt these elements for your party.

The Event Design Tools Link will have an itemized list with prices and examples of everything we have to offer, and walk you through the planning process, or call Indy Big Screen ( for a design consultation.